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Pictures oh Pictures, Any Profesional Photographers Out There?

Having Pictures of Your Office Space Is Paramount

iPhone surf pictureWell, the short answer as to why we haven’t posted any great pictures of The Cube is because none of us own a good camera and our iPhones just don’t seem to do the job of conveying a cool, hip, comfortable, technologically advanced office space (but I guess saying it does)!


I just couldn’t wait for a photographer to move into one of our private offices to make the pictures happen, so last week after Annie and I hung a few new photos and paintings, I busted out my iPhone and fired away a few shots of our main room. The four pictures below show the main area of The Cube. This is where the Cafe seating is and the monthly desks. The bathroom, two private offices and conference room were to dark to take pictures of with my iPhone, so I’ll wait until the light is better and post them then. Or, if all works out well, someone will join our coworking community that owns a great camera and helps the cause.


Interested in renting a desk? Email or call us and we’ll put one aside for you. You can check out all the pictures of our coworking office in Puerto Rico by clicking on this link; The Cube Office Pictures

About CoWorking

Stealing the quote from the Loosecubes site because I thought it fit perfectly for coworking.  It’s much of the reason I prefer to work FOR myself, WHEREVER I want!  Being stuck in a traditional work environment and setting can be so damn restrictive!  If you’ve ever worked in a corporate office and suffered from ‘death by meeting’ you know what I mean.

“When you need to have a meeting, have a meeting. When you need to collaborate, collaborate. The rest of the time, do the work, wherever you like. The gain in speed, productivity and happiness is massive.”

- Seth Godin

The Cube on “Loosecubes”

Well they obviously had the same train of though on the name, so I had to check out to see what it was all about.

Loosecubes offers coworkers a directory of “loosecubes”, a mixing pot of co-work spaces across the states where workers can choose from to ‘swap’ work space and time.  As a member, you can offer a space for other loosecubers to work at (anything from your home office to your real cowork space) or you can check out and apply to work for a day or more at any of the loosecube spaces that are offered.  Essentially it’s a really casual way to work for free or cheap when you’re traveling or in a new city.

Check out The Cube on Loosecubes here or  learn more about Loosecubes here.  If you are familiar with the concept or area already a loosecuber and you’ll be in Puerto Rico, feel free to login to loosecubes and make a reservation for our space. We’d be psyched to have you!

Free Money to Cowork?

I stumbled across this offer from LiquidSpace when I was researching to see if there were any other coworking spaces in the Caribbean.

Startup America, which has a Puerto Rico division, offers resources for small startup businesses.  As part of their partnership with LiquidSpace, the coworking site will give $100 for any StartUp America business to pay for a co-working office.  What a deal!!

Learn more about how to get free money for coworking here.

First Co-Work Space in Puerto Rico


So, I wasn’t sure if we had any claim to these rights, but a reporter from the Nuevo Dia (daily newspaper out of San Juan) confirmed it: we are the first and only co-work space in Puerto Rico. How cool is that? And, we’re in the little hick town of Rincon. I bet all San Juan and Ponce are pissed about that! ;)


When we started this we suspected that we were the first in Puerto Rico but just weren’t sure. A couple weeks ago the Nuevo Dia did an article on coworking and although it is really cool that co-working is getting a name in Puerto Rico (this is sure to help us out overall), I have to say I’m a little ‘confounded’ as to why they didn’t mention us. The reporter had found our information on Facebook and contacted us about including us in the article. We got back to her, but she’d already submitted it. Our bad or hers? Not sure, but in any effect we should have darn well been listed there.


That’s alright, now I have her number. Bahahahahaha! *evil laugh* I shall get an article about The Cube eventually!


It is cool that coworking is spreading across the island of Puerto Rico as more and more individuals are discovering the perks of working from home and the freedom that a co-work space can give them.  Even in a slightly traditional atmosphere like Puerto Rico or the Caribbean islands, more and more young people are able to branch out and build their businesses from home – with the help of co-work environments.  To be part of the early movement here on la isla is awesome!


Here’s the (albeit incomplete) article about coworking in Puerto Rico:


For the record, the other annoying thing is that I spent 30 minutes trying to register for their site so I could leave a comment, and my comment still never posted to the article. Ah, well.

Getting Stylie


In case we haven’t mentioned it enough yet, to-date we have built this place on essentially the ramshackle hand-me-downs of our houses, the faith of our spouses and the charity of our landlord. Shoestring budget doesn’t quite describe it. In any effect, now that we have the basics like power, wi-fi, water and desks taken care of, we’re ready to get a little stylie up in here. The name ‘The Cube’ was meant to be a play on words, making fun of those horrible, dry, boring cubicles that so many humans are forced to work in, so we really don’t want the inside of our Cube to have the same vibe. Our vision is clean and modern with an island vibe. It needs to be relaxed, professional and welcoming, but with a progressive indie tech hacker feel. Does that exist? A Mac with a palm frond carrying case – does that describe what I’m going for? Not sure if that’s the best visual but we’ll get there.


I’m stoked because tomorrow we’re meeting with a muralist to design a mural for our front entry wall. When this thing is done it’s going to give a whole new look to the space. Now to negotiate mural for trade…. let’s see how that goes…


The current functional, yet slightly boring, wall…

A mural on the Uncharted Studio entry wall by Guillo, my soon-to-be muralist. I love his style….

Conference Space Ready to Go


We finally got our conference room styled out a bit and it’s ready for business.  We found this wicked cool table (for cheap from a friend) which works great in the room and can sit six people comfortably.  Ideal for a small meeting, interview room, real estate closing or any other deal where you might want to get a few people together to chat, work or do business. Future improvements to this room include a white board & projector, but those’ll come in time.


Rates to rent the conference room will be $50 per day. Contact us to reserve or with any questions.


Here’s a few pics of the new space, bear with us, these are crap photos because all I have is my phone to snap pics for now.  After the summer remodel is done (updates to come) we’ll have a professional get in here for some nice shots.

Coworking – The Business

This is not the ideal blog post for someone looking on the web for a place to work while vacationing in Rincon (WAIT! –  if that describes you, check out our site because that’s exactly what we do). 



It is however, an ideal post about a few of the ups and downs of  opening up a CoWorking office space in Rincon, Puerto Rico. This new category I’m creating, Coworking The Business, is meant for other entrepreneurs opening up their own coworking space in hopes that this category of posts may be able to help them learn from our mistakes and capitalize on our good decisions.


Getting Cowork Space Started

So far, we have zero capital raised, and don’t plan on raising any money for this endevour. We really want it to be a ‘grass roots’ from the ground up office space by our members and for our members.


As of right now, here is where we stand:

  • The Ups – We have a beautiful office space with high speed DSL Internet (Claro – DMAX) and high speed Cable Internet (Choice Cable). We have a Yoga studio downstairs and two beautiful lanai’s. Every food and coffee amenity is a 100 yard walk to downtown and everyone involved in The Cube is stoked on starting a new community of professionals in Rincon.
  • The Downs – We only have a dozen desks and they are going to fill up fast. Rincon has a very small population so we are relying on seasonal Rinconians and Sanjuaneros to rent space.


When we weighed the risks of opening this business, the positives outnumbered the negatives substantially. Well, we’ll have to let the blog tell the story. To be continued…