First Co-Work Space in Puerto Rico


So, I wasn’t sure if we had any claim to these rights, but a reporter from the Nuevo Dia (daily newspaper out of San Juan) confirmed it: we are the first and only co-work space in Puerto Rico. How cool is that? And, we’re in the little hick town of Rincon. I bet all San Juan and Ponce are pissed about that! ;)


When we started this we suspected that we were the first in Puerto Rico but just weren’t sure. A couple weeks ago the Nuevo Dia did an article on coworking and although it is really cool that co-working is getting a name in Puerto Rico (this is sure to help us out overall), I have to say I’m a little ‘confounded’ as to why they didn’t mention us. The reporter had found our information on Facebook and contacted us about including us in the article. We got back to her, but she’d already submitted it. Our bad or hers? Not sure, but in any effect we should have darn well been listed there.


That’s alright, now I have her number. Bahahahahaha! *evil laugh* I shall get an article about The Cube eventually!


It is cool that coworking is spreading across the island of Puerto Rico as more and more individuals are discovering the perks of working from home and the freedom that a co-work space can give them.  Even in a slightly traditional atmosphere like Puerto Rico or the Caribbean islands, more and more young people are able to branch out and build their businesses from home – with the help of co-work environments.  To be part of the early movement here on la isla is awesome!


Here’s the (albeit incomplete) article about coworking in Puerto Rico:


For the record, the other annoying thing is that I spent 30 minutes trying to register for their site so I could leave a comment, and my comment still never posted to the article. Ah, well.