Pictures oh Pictures, Any Profesional Photographers Out There?

Having Pictures of Your Office Space Is Paramount

iPhone surf pictureWell, the short answer as to why we haven’t posted any great pictures of The Cube is because none of us own a good camera and our iPhones just don’t seem to do the job of conveying a cool, hip, comfortable, technologically advanced office space (but I guess saying it does)!


I just couldn’t wait for a photographer to move into one of our private offices to make the pictures happen, so last week after Annie and I hung a few new photos and paintings, I busted out my iPhone and fired away a few shots of our main room. The four pictures below show the main area of The Cube. This is where the Cafe seating is and the monthly desks. The bathroom, two private offices and conference room were to dark to take pictures of with my iPhone, so I’ll wait until the light is better and post them then. Or, if all works out well, someone will join our coworking community that owns a great camera and helps the cause.


Interested in renting a desk? Email or call us and we’ll put one aside for you. You can check out all the pictures of our coworking office in Puerto Rico by clicking on this link; The Cube Office Pictures