The Cube on “Loosecubes”

Well they obviously had the same train of though on the name, so I had to check out to see what it was all about.

Loosecubes offers coworkers a directory of “loosecubes”, a mixing pot of co-work spaces across the states where workers can choose from to ‘swap’ work space and time.  As a member, you can offer a space for other loosecubers to work at (anything from your home office to your real cowork space) or you can check out and apply to work for a day or more at any of the loosecube spaces that are offered.  Essentially it’s a really casual way to work for free or cheap when you’re traveling or in a new city.

Check out The Cube on Loosecubes here or  learn more about Loosecubes here.  If you are familiar with the concept or area already a loosecuber and you’ll be in Puerto Rico, feel free to login to loosecubes and make a reservation for our space. We’d be psyched to have you!